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Feature Winner Racing System

Feature Winner Racing System
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The unparalleled power of the Feature Winner Racing System for Pocket PC is now available in a PC/Laptop version.  Feature Winner for PC comes with all the power of the Pocket PC version, plus the ability to print out any setup you've used.  All the great features are delivered in this package without having to buy a Pocket PC.   The all-new Feature Winner for PC/Laptops is ready for purchase and download today.  

I just want to say hi and let you know how well Feature Winner is working for me.  It is so easy to pick up right where we left off from last year and knowing all the different things we had tried at every different track that gain or lose spots, really works neat.  We were able to capitalize on others that were struggling in warm ups.  Its the time of the year we see every track for the first time in the season, and to be on the top of your game right out of the hole makes a great start, thanks to your help and Feature Winner! We're currently sitting 4th in points!

               -- Darcy McLennan

More Choices

Feature Winner Racing System is now available for laptops and desktops in addition to the original Pocket PC version.  Use your Windows PC to track the setup on your race car quickly, easily, and efficiently.  With your Windows PC or Pocket PC you can access your car's setup information right at the track!

What's New?
  • Effortlessly share your setup via email with your chassis builder or teammates
  • Share ALL the information rather than the usual bits and pieces you get over the phone
  • Saves hours of time on the phone with your chassis builder diagnosing setup problems
  • Risk-free version for chassis builders designed to save you and your builder time and money when diagnosing setup issues (refer your builder here for more info)
  • Online tutorial for Laptop/PCs and Pocket PCs, absolutely free - no manuals to read
  • Free 30-day trial of the Laptop/PC version - click here to request your free trial
  • Complete color coding to identify good and bad setups
  • Customizable check lists to prepare for race night*
  • Increases the resale value of your car when you include a copy of the setup data
  • Keep a copy for yourself to use as a reference for the new car
  • The new color-coded results lets you visually track your car's performance

Color-coded results on the PC lets you visually track your car's performance!

New Chassis Builder's version now available!

The Chassis Builder can now:

  • totally support customers by effortlessly importing and exporting your customer's entire car setup rather than spending hours on the phone!
  • save both you and your customers time and money
  • spend time building cars not on the phone
  • make more money!
  • chassis builders, call for more information; there's absolutely no obligation!
  • share all setup information with your customer via email!
  • Import and export a customer's setup into your system, make recommendations and export it back to your customer's computer!

 Anyone Can Create Horsepower!   

The Feature Winner Race Car Chassis Setup system can help you put that horsepower on the track!

That’s right, anyone can create horsepower.  With all the great performance products on the market today, how do you harness all of those ponies?  Most experienced drivers would gladly pass on the latest in performance equipment to determine how to be more consistent.  That is, consistently at the front of the pack; in the money!  For about the same amount you’d spend on the latest engine component, you can focus on the most adjustable part of your race car using the most innovative race car chassis setup system available today: 

The Setup!

A very affordable, truly portable, yet extremely powerful tool is now available for use in the palm of your hand using a Pocket PC or at your fingertips via a Laptop/Desktop.  “Feature Winner” by Agape Mobile Management Systems, is a new race car setup and tracking system for today's race car drivers.  Toss your old-fashioned pen and paper system and step up to a powerful program that is easy to use and truly works.  “Feature Winner” software helps you to track and retrieve on demand anything about your car’s setup or chassis maintenance on a laptop/desktop or PocketPC. 

Race Car Setup system screens by Feature Winner.Advances in technology that have occurred in recent years have made the PCs an extremely affordable, efficient, and powerful tool for tracking and analyzing your car’s data.  Until now, a quick method of retrieving your race car’s setup information, sorted by order of finish, simply did not exist.  Now you can retrieve setup information you’ve used at any track, on any car, at any time in the past, sorted by order of finish, quickly and efficiently. 

Upon locating a setup record you’re interested in reviewing, simply tap the desired record and then select the available “screen view” button and you’ll be able to view every aspect of your car’s setup for the particular event you’ve selected. 

Due to the powerful data retrieval functions in Feature Winner, you’ll be able to quickly find setups you’ve used successfully in the past on similar tracks or conditions.  The ability to view your previous setups in order of finish gives you a very quick and reliable method of determining what works and what doesn’t all in the palm of your hand or at your fingertips.  

With Feature Winner you’ll spend your valuable time in the pits actually setting up your race car, or making modifications for current conditions, rather than hoping to find a setup that will work for the situation.


*coming soon

** free upgrades apply to all version upgrades through the 1.x series purchased at normal retail price

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"Agape Mobile Management Systems has come up with a very realistic use for the handheld's power for racers."

Checkered Flag Racing News
February 25, 2004

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